The Phase One Report for the Point of the Mountain Visioning Process has been released!

"Utahns have high expectations and ambitious hopes for the area surrounding the border between Salt Lake County and Utah County (the Point of the Mountain). From the rapidly growing cities to the booming tech sector to the beautiful natural surroundings, Utahns want the Point of the Mountain to be prosperous and thriving, accessible and enjoyable, and healthy and beautiful. The Point of the Mountain can lead the way in establishing a 21st Century “innovation economy,” providing a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle, and demonstrating sustainable approaches to using natural resources and improving air quality."

The report includes results from stakeholder outreach and expert research, combined to create an aspirational vision for the Point of the Mountain. The report lists key strategies to help achieve the goals for the region that have been identified by the public, stakeholders, and experts. Findings from Phase 1 will form the key elements of the scenarios to be explored in Phase 2.

 The report is split into seven sections:

  • The Phase One Report Executive Summary
    • The executive summary is a shorter version of the Phase One Report that breaks the main document down to its key points and provides page numbers from the main document for further reading.
  • The Phase One Report
    • The main document of the report shares the aspirational vision (and goals) for the region agreed upon by stakeholders, experts, and members of the public and explores many implementation steps that may help the region achieve these goals and preserve its high quality of life.
    • These first two documents are the easiest to understand sections of the report, and contain all of the major findings from the process thus far.
  • Real Estate Analysis
    • RCLCO Real Estate Advisors studied the economic and developmental trends of the region and developed a market-driven scenario that explores some of the ways the region may grow.
  • Case Studies for the Region
    • HOK, nationally-leading planning and design consultants, explored five comparable case studies for key catalytic sites at the Point of the Mountain and shared the lessons learned from these sites.
  • Utilities Reports
    • This appendix includes consultant-written reports on Storm Water, Water, Sewer, Power, Telecommunications, and Transportation, including how these utilities impact the Point of the Mountain and possible concerns for the future.
  • Environmental Critical Issues Analysis
    • SWCA conducted this analysis of critical environmental issues for the Point of the Mountain.
  • The Outreach Appendix
    • This appendix includes all of the feedback the consultant team has received from their efforts throughout Phase One, including polling results, maps, written responses, and online survey comments.

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