The project is being led by the Point of the Mountain Development Commission. The Point of the Mountain Development Commission ("the Commission"), established by the Legislature during the 2016 General Session, has been assigned to construct a vision of growth for the Point of the Mountain area while preserving the state’s elevated quality of life. Complex questions of transportation, infrastructure, demographics, business growth, recreation, environment and financing are at the heart of this effort.

The Commission's goal is to formulate a strategy to maximize the opportunity provided by the development of the state-owned land that is the current site of the state prison and to incorporate that strategy into a wider vision for the entire Point of the Mountain area. This strategy will seek to identify and understand the needs and concerns of the stakeholders involved and maximize benefits—including economic, quality of life, environmental, and other benefits—to these stakeholders, including taxpayers across the state, local communities, businesses, workers, and commuters. 

As a major landowner in the Point of the Mountain area, the state, through the Commission, will study the possible uses for the state-owned land in the area. Because the development of the state-owned land will have an impact beyond that land, the Commission will solicit community and stakeholder input to develop a shared vision for the site and the surrounding area and formulate a strategy for implementing that vision. Through engagement and transparency, the process will further expand Utah’s reputation and capability as a global destination for business and careers. Most importantly, the Commission aims to improve the communities in this dynamic area and further benefit the entire state of Utah. 

Commission Members